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Thursday, July 7, 2022   /   by Ameil Gill


Selling a home is incredibly exciting, but can also be very emotional. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can increase your chances that your home experience is relatively stress-free, and most importantly, successful.

1 Pricing too high

Overpricing your home will lead to missed opportunities with buyers that are serious about buying in the range in which your home should be listed. The first week on the market is crucial because it is when your home will generate the most activity. Overpricing your house, in the belief that you can reduce the price back later, is a strategy that can backfire badly. For every price decrease, buyers may wonder if theres something wrong with your home (stigma). A home priced correctly will always generate more interest + sell faster (for more money).

2 Not preparing your home to sell

Just because it may be easier to sell your home today than it was years ago, does not mean that you should "just put it on the market" in any condition. You will net the most money by preparing and staging your home to showcase it in its best possible light. This includes deep cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing your home.

3 Hiring the wrong agent

Navigating the terms and conditions of multiple contracts is a skill that not all agents possess. Who you work with matters! Hiring an agent based solely on the list price they recommend, or the commission they charge, are two of the biggest mistakes a seller can make when hiring an agent. Remember, posting your home on the multiple listing service is not a marketing strategy!

4 For sale by owner

Study after study shows that sellers with a real estate agent net more than those selling for sale by owner. By exposing the property to the most buyers, networking with other agents, and having the intricate knowledge of how to navigate the best terms, agents consistently provide the best result more money, less time.

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