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Wednesday, March 6, 2024   /   by Ameil Gill



Regardless of the market conditions, pricing your home correctly from the beginning is the single most important factor if you want to sell quickly and for the highest price.

This is my *proven* pricing strategy and how I help my sellers maximize their profits by positioning their homes competitively:

1.First, I meticulously review homes that have recently sold with features and characteristics similar to yours (commonly referred to as “comps”). This involves comparing various factors such as size, location, age, and condition.

I also take into consideration the number of days each home was on the market and the final sale prices in relation to their initial list prices.

2.Now to the pricing… Price at or slightly below market value.

If your goal is to maximize your profit, you will want to appeal to the most buyers possible. This means we need to aim for the sweet spot – not too high, not too low, but on the low end of market value (or even slightly below).

Pricing your house fairly based on market conditions increases the likelihood of attracting more interested buyers, ultimately creating a competitive environment.

My strategy is all about finding that sweet spot — a price that isn’t too high to discourage potential buyers yet isn’t too low to undervalue your home. Instead, aiming for the lower end of the market value is key.

Why? Pricing slightly below market value will attract the largest pool of potential buyers to help generate buzz and a sense of urgency. The goal is to create a competitive atmosphere and encourage multiple offers!

Curious to know how much your home may be worth in our current market? Send me a message — I’d be happy to send you a free home valuation and seller net sheet!